Complete for 2 points

Cuir ort do bhriogais!

Put your trousers on!

Let’s have a look at this conversation. By the end of this short section, you will be able to have this conversation!

Ò, is toil leam an sgiort phinc seo. Oh, I like this pink skirt.
An toil leat an sgiort seo? Uill, cuir dhìot do bhriogais agus cuir ort i! Do you like this skirt? Well, take off your trousers and put it on!
Agus an còta dubh seo? An toil leat e? And this black coat? Do you like it?
Is fìor thoil leam e. Ach an toil leat fhèin e? I really like it. But do you like it yourself?
Tha mi a’ smaoineachadh gu bheil e àlainn. I think that it is lovely.
Cuir ort an còta! Tha e àlainn ort. Put on the coat! It is lovely on you.
An robh còta purpaidh agad? Did you have a purple coat?
An toil leat an còta purpaidh? Do you like the purple coat?
Is toil. I do like it.
Cuir dhìot an còta dubh agus cuir ort an còta purpaidh. Take off the black coat and put on the purple coat.
Cha toil leam an còta purpaidh orm. I don’t like the purple coat on me.
Cuir dhìot an còta agus cuir dhìot an sgiort. Tha dreasa ghlas agam an seo. Agus tha briogais bhuidhe agam an seo. Take off the coat and take off the skirt. I have a grey dress here. And I have yellow trousers here.
Cha toil leam buidhe. Chunnaic mi Fionnlagh an-dè. Bha briogais bhuidhe, lèine bhuidhe agus geansaidh buidhe air! I don’t like yellow. I saw Finlay yesterday. He had yellow trousers, a yellow shirt and a yellow jumper on!
Is fìor thoil le Fionnlagh buidhe! An toil leat an dreasa ghlas seo? Finlay really likes yellow! Do you like this grey dress?
Is toil. Is fìor thoil leam e. I do like it. I really like it.