Complete for 2 points

Aodach diofraichte

Different clothes

Joy describes different adjectives to describe clothes.

Mary and Anne spoke about different coloured clothes. Let’s look at them and others. Can you spot patterns?

lèine gheal (f)

a white shirt

lèine-t dhearg (f)

a red t-shirt

briogais bhuidhe (f)

yellow trousers

sgiort dhearg (f)

a red skirt

dreasa phinc (f)

a pink dress

seacaid ghorm (f)

a blue jacket

còta purpaidh (m)

a purple coat

ad phurpaidh (f)

a purple hat

sporan dubh (m)

a black purse

drathais phinc (f)

a pink pair of underpants

brògan dubha

black shoes