Complete for 2 points

Dè cheannaich sibh?

What did you buy?

John and Anne discussed a lot of things and John asked a lot of questions in the past tense.  One question was quite straightforward.

Dè na bha e?

What was it?

John and Anne used one word lots – cheannaich.



An do cheannaich sibh rudeigin?

Did you buy something?

Dè cheannaich sibh?

What did you buy?

Cheannaich mi sgiort phinc

I bought a pink skirt

Càit an do cheannaich sibh iad?

Where did you buy them?

Cheannaich mi iad ann am bùth Mhàiri

I bought them in Mary’s shop

Cuin a cheannaich i bùth?

When did she buy a shop?

Ciamar a cheannaich i bùth?

How did she buy a shop?

Nach do cheannaich sibh còta an t-seachdain sa chaidh?

Didn’t you buy a coat last week?

Cha do cheannaich mi còta an t-seachdain sa chaidh.

I didn’t buy a coat last week.