Complete for 2 points

Beachdan air aodach

Opinions on clothes

 Anne and Mary had opinions on clothes. We will look at the sentences concerned with this.

An toil leat mo lèine dhubh?

Do you like my black shirt?

Nach toil leibh ur lèine-t gheal?

Don’t you like your white t-shirt?

Cha toil leam a bhriogais uaine

I don’t like his green trousers

Is toil leam an còta glas aig Calum

I like Malcolm’s grey coat

An toil leatha a fèileadh pinc?

Does she like her pink kilt?

Nach toil leibh ur lèine phurpaidh?

Don’t you like your purple shirt?

Is toil leam an lèine-t orains aig do mhac

I like your son’s orange t-shirt

Cha toil le do chèile briogais dhubh

Your partner does not like black trousers