Complete for 2 points

A' pàigheadh na prìse

Paying the price

Dè na tha seo?

How much is this?

Dè na tha i?

What is it?

Dè na tha e?

What is it?

You know how to ask someone’s name, and to ask for a price uses the same structure. 

Dè a’ phrìs a tha air… ?

What price is (on)… ?

So, to ask for that hat you would say:

Dè a’ phrìs a tha air an ad seo?

What price is this hat?

If you just want to ask what a general item is, without using its name, use air or oirre:

Dè a’ phrìs a tha air?

What price is it?

Dè a’ phrìs a tha oirre?

What price is it?