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Antaidhean is Uncailean

Aunties and uncles

It’s worth remembering that you may also hear people giving much more detail in Gaelic about aunts and uncles compared to English. 

My aunt, m’ antaidh, can be described either as piuthar mo mhàthar (my mother’s sister) or piuthar m’ athar (my father’s sister); and my uncle m’ uncail can be described either as bràthair mo mhàthar (my mother’s brother) or bràthair m’ athar (my father’s brother). 

Abair teaghlach! What a family! Play with the questions below. There are no wrong answers! 

A bheil

Do you have
bràthair a brother bràithrean brothers piuthar a sister peathraichean sisters athair a father màthair a mother mac a son nighean a daughter ogha a grandchild co-ogha a cousin seanair a grandfather seanmhair a grandmother antaidh an aunty uncail an uncle