Complete for 2 points

An teaghlach - Dèanta!

The family - complete

You should now be confident about:

  • A’ bruidhinn mu dheidhinn an teaghlaich| Talking about the family

You should also be confident about:

Am buadhair seilbheach: mo, do, a, a, ar, ur, an/am | The possessive adjective: mo, do, a, a, ar, ur, an/am

Briathrachas teaghlaich: seanair/seanmhair/uncail/antaidh/leas-athair/ogha | Family vocabulary: seanair/seanmhair/uncail/antaidh/leasathair/ogha


You have learnt to talk about the members of your family! Why not take this mini-test to see how well you’re doing?

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