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Feumaidh sinn falbh an-dràsta

We have to go now

Let’s have a look at this discussion. By the end of this section, you will be able to ask for what you need! It’s full of useful phrases that you can adapt to suit a whole range of situations.

Feumaidh mi biadh fhaighinn mus tèid sinn gu pàrtaidh Dhòmhnaill. I need to get something to eat (food) before we go to Donald’s party.
Am feum? Do you (need to)?
Feumaidh. Bha mi cho trang, cha d’ fhuair mi fiù ‘s lòn an-diugh. Nach eil an t-acras ortsa? I do (need to). I was so busy, I didn’t even have lunch today. Aren’t you hungry?
Chan eil. No (it isn’t).
Nach fheum thu rudeigin ithe? Dinnear? Tha e seachd uairean mar-thà. Don’t you need to eat something? Dinner/tea? It’s seven o’clock already.
Chan fheum. Dh’ith mi mo dhinnear mar-thà. An tèid sinn dhan taigh-sheinnse air an t slighe? I don’t. I had (ate) dinner already. Will we go to the pub on the way?
Thèid. Am faod mi biadh òrdachadh an sin? We will. May I order food there?
Faodaidh, tha mi a’ smaoineachadh. You may, I think.
Agus feumaidh mi deoch òl cuideachd. Nach eil am pathadh ortsa? And I need a drink as well. Aren’t you thirsty?
Tha. Feumaidh mi deoch òl mus tèid sinn ann. I am. I need a drink before we go there.
Feumaidh mi airgead fhaighinn. Agus … feumaidh mi botal fìona a cheannach aig a’ bhùth. I need to get money. And … I must buy a bottle of wine at the shop.
Dall ort! On you go!
Bha am biadh sin math. Am faod mi deoch a cheannach dhut? That food was good. May I buy you a drink?
Faodaidh. Gabhaidh mi làgar. You may. I’ll have a lager.
Och! Chan fhaod mi deoch a cheannach dhut! Feumaidh sinn falbh gu taigh Dhòmhnaill an-dràsta no bidh sinn anmoch airson a’ phàrtaidh. Oh! I can’t buy you a drink. We have to go to Donald’s house now or we’ll be late for the party.
Ach feumaidh mise a dhol dhachaigh mus tèid sinn chun a’ phàrtaidh agus aodach-pàrtaidh spaideil a chur orm! But I need to go home before we go to the party and put on some smart party clothes!