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Complete for 2 points

An cuala tu bhuapa?

Did you hear from them?

We can combine the preposition bho (from, since) with pronouns to form prepositional pronouns in the same way that we have seen already in A2 of SpeakGaelic.

Preposition + pronoun =Prepositional Pronoun
bho + mi =bhuam from me
bho + thu =bhuat from you
bho + e =bhuaithe from him
bho + i =bhuaipe from her
bho + sinn =bhuainn from us
bho + sibh =bhuaibh from you (pl)
bho + iad =bhuapa from them

And we saw and heard all of these prepositional pronouns with BHO in that conversation:

An cuala tu bhuapa?

Did you hear from them?

Chuala mi bhuaipe ach cha chuala mi bhuaithe.

I heard from her but I didn’t hear from him.

Chuala mi sin bhuat roimhe.

I heard that from you before.

Mas e breug bhuam e, ‘s e breug thugam e.

I’m only telling you what I’ve been told (lit. if it’s a lie from me, it’s a lie to me).

A bheil deoch bhuaibh?

Do you (plural) want a drink? (lit. is a drink from you?


I/We would.

A bheil deoch bhuat, a Mhàiri? Dè ghabhas tu?

Do you want a drink, Mary? What will you have?

Tha agus gabhaidh mi tè bheag.

I do, and I’ll take/have a wee dram.

Agus tha biadh bhuainn, nach eil, Iain?

And we want (some) food, don’t we, John?