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The preposition bho (from) is sometimes written as o, which we can see in phrases like o chionn ghoirid (a while ago). This preposition lenites the following noun where possible.

bho Dhòmhnall

from Donald

bho Mhàiri

from Màiri

bho chuideigin

from someone

An d’ fhuair sibh cuireadh bho Mhàiri?

Did you get the invitation from Màiri?

Am faca tu am preusant bho Iain?

Did you see the present (gift) from John?

An faigh thu na h-iuchraichean bho Dhòmhnall?

Will you get the keys from Donald?

When we use bho with the definite article, it becomes bhon and causes nouns which follow it to be in the dative case.

bhon uinneig sin

from that window

bhon taigh agam

from my house

bhon bhaile seo

from this town

An d’ fhuair thu litir bhon sgoil?

Did you get the letter from the school?

Chunnaic mi na h-eòin bhon uinneig.

I saw the birds from the window.

Dh’ionnsaich mi a’ bhàrdachd bhon leabhar.

I learnt the poetry from the book.

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