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Am feum mi a dhol dhachaigh?

Must I/Do I have to go home?

To say we ‘need to’ do something, we can use the verb feum (have to/need to/must) in the same way we use faod (may, /might). Again, this verb only has future and conditional tenses. We can see below  two forms of the future tense, feumaidh and feum:

Am feum?

Have to/need to/must?

Nach fheum?

Haven’t to/needn’t/mustn’t?


Have to/need to/must …

Chan fheum

Doesn’t/needn’t/mustn’t’ …

Am feum i tighinn a-steach?

Does she have to come in?

Chan fheum! Chan fheum i tighinn a-steach

She needn’t. She need not/doesn’t need to come in.

Nach fheum sinn falbh a-nis?

Don’t we have to go now?

Feumaidh. Feumaidh sibh falbh a-nis.

You do. You have to go now.

Am feum mi a dhol dhachaigh?

Do I have to go home?

Feumaidh. Feumaidh tu a dhol dhachaigh.

You do. You have to go home.