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Complete for 2 points

Gabh mo leisgeul

Excuse me

There are a few phrases we can use to give leisgeulan (excuses), and say we are duilich (sorry).

Gabh mo leisgeul

Excuse me

Gabhaibh mo leisgeul

Excuse me (plural/polite)

Tha mi duilich

I’m sorry

B’ àill leat?


B’ àill leibh?

Pardon? (plural/polite)

And there were a couple of tricky situations in our conversation. Fortunately, Donald and Mairead were very understanding …

Tha mi duilich gun robh sinn anmoch.

I’m sorry we were late.

Tha sin ceart gu leòr. Na gabhaibh dragh.

That’s OK. Don’t worry (plural).

Gabh mo leisgeul, cuideachd.

Excuse me, as well.

B’ àill leat? Tha am fuaim cho àrd!

Pardon? The sound is so loud!

Nach gabh thu mo leisgeul?

Won’t you excuse me?

Gabhaidh, gu dearbh. Chan eil dragh sam bith ann.

I will, of course. No problem (there’s no problem).

Thuit a’ ghlainne agam. Òbh. Bhris mi i! Tha mi duilich. Tha mi cho duilich! Tha fìon dearg air a dhòrtadh air an ùrlar cuideachd. Nach gabh thu mo leisgeul?

Och! My glass fell. Oh dear! I broke it. I am sorry! I am so sorry! Red wine has spilled on the floor as well. Won’t you excuse me?

Gabhaidh. Na gabh dragh.

I will. Don’t worry.

And we heard Mary say at the end

Nuair a bhios an deoch a-staigh, bidh a’ chiall a-muigh!

When (the) drink is in, (the) reason is out

Wasn’t she the sensible one!