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Out and About

Out and About

A' cleachdadh BHO Using the preposition BHO

Sin thu fhèin!

In this section, we will build on what we have learnt in about prepositions and prepositional pronouns to talk about a’ cleachdadh BHO (using the preposition BHO).

By the end of this short lesson, you should be confident about:

A’ cleachdadh BHO | Using the preposition BHO

You will also learn about:

Riochdairean roimhearach le BHO | Prepositional pronouns with BHO: bhuam, bhuat, bhuaithe, bhuaipe, bhuainn, bhuaibh, bhuapa:

An tuiseal tabhartach a-rithist | The dative (prepositional) case (again)

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