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Briathrachas an taighe - Tha e anns a' chidsin

It is in the kitchen

Let’s take what we have learnt and these new words to reinforce what we have learnt. 

anns a’ chidsin

in the kitchen

anns an t-seòmar-shuidhe

in the sitting room

anns an t-seòmar-chadail

in the bedroom

Because Càit a bheil uses the a bheil structure, we can use Tha / Chan eil to give full answers. 

Tha an coire anns a’ chidsin

The kettle is in the kitchen

Tha am bòrd anns an t-seòmar-shuidhe

The table is in the sitting room

Tha an leabaidh anns an t-seòmar-chadail

The bed is in the bedroom

Chan eil an t-amar anns an taigh-bheag

The bath isn’t in the toilet