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Tha càr aig Fionnlagh

Finlay has a car

Let’s have a look at this conversation. By the end of this short section, you will be able to have this conversation!

A bheil càr agaibh? Do you have a car?
Chan eil. A bheil càr agad? No. Do you have a car?
Chan eil an-dràsta. Tha e anns a’ gharaids. Obh obh! A bheil càr aig Màiri? Not just now. It is in the garage. Uh-oh! Does Mary have a car?
Chan eil! Obh obh obhan! Nach eil càr aige? No! Uh-oh! Doesn’t he have a car?
Cò? Who?
Esan! Fionnlagh! Nach eil càr aige? Him! Finlay! Doesn’t he have a car?
Ò. Seadh. Tha càr aig Fionnlagh. Oh. Aye. Finlay has a car.