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Complete for 2 points

Aon seòmar, dà sheòmar, trì seòmraichean

One room, two rooms, three rooms


After aon, nouns starting with B, C, F, G, M and P lenite: aon bhòrd, aon chidsin, aon gharaids.    D, S and T can lenite of course, but tend not to after the letter N, so we say: aon doras, aon seòmar, aon taigh.

Aon chù 

The t in the the word taigh is too strong to lenite! You will often find this is the case when an n and t meet! This also happens if s is followed by a vowel.

aon seòmar

one room

aon taigh

one house

The noun after number two always takes the singular and lenites if possible.


dà sheòmar

two rooms

dà thaigh

two houses

Three to ten

The noun after number three always takes the plural.

trì seòmraichean

three rooms

ochd seòmraichean

eight rooms