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Complete for 2 points

An dàrna turas: A bheil taigh-beag agaibh?

Take two: Do you have a toilet?

A bheil taigh-beag agaibh? Do you have a toilet?
Taigh-beag? Tha. Tha sia taighean-beaga agam. A bheil taigh-beag agad? A toilet? Yes. I have six toilets. Do you have a toilet?
Tha. Chan eil sia taighean-beaga agam. Tha taigh-beag agam. Yes. I don’t have six toilets. I have a toilet.
Cia mheud seòmar-cadail a th’ agad? How many bedrooms do you have?
Aon. Tha aon seòmar-cadail agam! One. I have one bedroom!