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Tha an cat air cùlaibh an dorais

The cat is behind the door

Until now we’ve only looked at the dative case with simple prepositions such as: aig, air, ann an, do, le and ri. In Gaelic we also have compound prepositions. Nouns preceded by compound prepositions take the genitive case.

Here are three useful examples which you can use when talking about being aig an taigh (at home).

ri taobh


air beulaibh

in front of

air cùlaibh


Dè tha sin ri taobh na h-uinneige?

What is that beside the window?

Agus tha am bòrd ri taobh na leapa.

And the table is beside the bed

Dè tha sin air beulaibh an taighe?

What is that in front of the house?

Agus tha an càr air beulaibh an taighe.

And the car is in front of the house.

Tha an cat air cùlaibh an dorais.

The cat is behind the door.

Dè tha sin air cùlaibh an taighe?

What is that behind the house?

Tha an gàrradh air cùlaibh an taighe.

The garden is behind the house.