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Ainmearan boireann

Feminine nouns

In the genitive case, feminine nouns take a straightforward definite article, either na h- before a vowel, or na before a consonant. Feminine nouns don’t lenite in the genitive. They slenderise where not already slender and add an e. A number of common feminine words have an irregular genitive form which we need to learn. And again, a good dictionary is a must!

Feminine nouns

CONSONANTSnana maidne (of the morning) na cloinne (of the children) na sòfa (of the sofa) na garaids (of the garage)
VOWELSna h-na h-uinneige (of the window) na h-oifise (of the office)

Feminine nouns

an uinneagaig an uinneiggleans na h-uinneige
the windowat the window(a/the) shine of the window
an oifisanns an oifisdoras na h-oifise
the officein the office(a/the) door of the office
an leabaidhair an leabaidhoir na leapa
the bedon the bed(a/the) edge of the bed
a’ chathairair a’ chathaircas na cathrach
the chairon the chair(a/the) leg of the chair

And in this last conversation, we saw:

Dè an dath a tha air an uinneig sin?What colour is that window?
‘S e orainds dath na h-uinneige.Orange is the colour of the window
an uinneagair an uinneigdath na h-uinneige
the windowon the window(a/the) colour of the window

That’s quite a lot to learn! But don’t worry, with a little practice, these will become easier. And a good dictionary is indispensable!