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Iomlaid a-rithist

Inversion again

We have now been introduced to a number of verbs or phrases which cause iomlaid (inversion). It’s important to become familiar with it. As it’s essential for talking about what we want, can or need to do, it’s a structure which we use very frequently.

gnìomhair | abairt mòdailcùisearcuspair dìreachgnìomhair
modal verb | phrase              subjectdirect objectverb

Modal phrases

We’ve learned quite a few of these modal verbs and phrases which use inversion, both in this lesson and in Cuspair 9. They all express a desire, an ability or a necessity to do something. Some are formed with an Is phrase, like ’S toil leam and ’S urrainn dhomh, others are a single verb, as in the case of feum (must) and faod (may). When we use ‘ought’, ‘must’, ‘should’, ‘could’, ‘want’, ‘desire’, ‘wish’, or ‘love’ in Gaelic, we are using a modal verb or phrase.

Did we mention that it’s super important to know these? With (constant) practice, it’ll soon be easy!

You can find out more on the Duilleag Mìneachaidh (explanation sheet) for A2 Cuspair 12 in the Classroom materials section.