Complete for 2 points

Tha e comasach dhomh ...

It is capable for me...

Watch as Joy explains more about some of the words and phrases we saw and heard in the conversation.


We’re going to look at another way to say that you can do something. Earlier, we learned ‘S urrainn dhomh, I can, but a commonly used alternative is:

Tha e comasach dhomh… which means “I am able to” or “It’s possible for me to”   Tha e comasach dhomh…

If you wanted to confirm an arrangement, you could say:

Tha e comasach dhomh / a dhol ann. I’m able to go. Tha e comasach dhomh a dhol ann.

Or if you wanted to use comasach in a question:

A bheil e comasach dhut / tighinn a‑màireach?  Is it possible for you to come tomorrow?  A bheil e comasach dhut tighinn a‑màireach?

To say that you’re not able to or it’s not possible, it’s? 

Chan eil e comasach…

It’s not possible. Chan eil e comasach…

Now, You might be able to do something, but are you good at it? 

To say that you’re good at something, it’s:

Tha mi math air… I’m good at… Tha mi math air…

So if somebody asked you this next question: 

A bheil thu math air / còcaireachd?  Are you good at cooking?  A bheil thu math air còcaireachd?

You might answer:

Tha mi math air / còcaireachd  I am good at cooking. Tha mi math air còcaireachd.

Or if you’re like me and not very good:

Chan eil mi / math air còcaireachd!    I’m not good at cooking!  Chan eil mi math air còcaireachd!