Complete for 2 points

'S àbhaist do dh'Anna a bhith …

Anne is usually …

Play with the sentences below until you are happy with the different answers. You know there are no wrong answers!

‘S àbhaist do dh’Anna a bhith

Anna is usually
ag obair thall thairis working abroad a’ cluich ball‑coise playing football a’ dol gu còisir going to choir a’ dol dhan/don sgoil going to school a’ dol do na bùithtean going to the shops a’ tighinn dhachaigh coming home

aig an àm seo.

at this time.

Am faod sinn

Can (may) we use
an càr agad your car a’ bhan bhuidhe agad your yellow van an coimpiutar agad your computer am fòn agad your phone

a chleachdadh?