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Structair: Dè tha thu a’ dèanamh?

Structure: What are you doing?

Here is the sentence structure to ask and answer what are you doing.  

Dè tha thu a’ dèanamh?

What are you doing?

We know from previous lessons how to structure our questions and answers. 

Tha mi ag obair

I am working

Tha mi ag ionnsachadh

I am learning

Tha mi ag ithe

I am eating

Tha mi a’ seinn

I am singing

Chan eil mi ag òl

I am not drinking

Chan eil mi a’ leughadh

I am not reading

Chan eil mi ag èisteachd

I am not listening

Chan eil mi a’ dannsa

I am not dancing

We know from previous lessons this opens more structures for our questions and answers. 

A bheil thu ag obair?

Are you working?

A bheil thu ag ionnsachadh?

Are you learning?

Nach eil thu ag ithe?

Aren’t you eating?

Nach eil thu a’ seinn?

Aren’t you singing?

We can also swap the pronouns for people! 

A bheil Eilidh ag obair?

Is Helen working?

A bheil Calum ag ionnsachadh?

Is Malcolm learning?

Nach eil Iseabail ag ithe?

Isn’t Iseabail eating?

Nach eil Dòmhnall a’ seinn?

Isn’t Donald singing?