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Na h-uairean

The hours

You’ll remember the numbers one to ten. Let’s expand on that to tell the time. 


one o’clock / an hour

Uair, meaning one o’clock, literally translates as “an hour”. 

dà uair

two o’clock

trì uairean

three o’clock

ceithir uairean

four o’clock

còig uairean

five o’clock

sia uairean

six o’clock

seachd uairean

seven o’clock

ochd uairean

eight o’clock

naoi uairean

nine o’clock

deich uairean

ten o’clock

aon uair deug

eleven o’clock

dà uair dheug

twelve o’clock

Here is the sentence structure to ask and answer what time it is.  

Dè an uair a tha e?

What time is it?

Tha e …

it is …

Chan eil e …

it is not…

Tha e uair

It is one o’clock

Tha e dà uair

It is two o’clock

Tha e trì uairean

It is three o’clock

Tha e ceithir uairean

It is four o’clock

Tha e còig uairean

It is five o’clock

Tha e sia uairean

It is six o’clock

Tha e seachd uairean

It is seven o’clock

Tha e ochd uairean

It is eight o’clock

Tha e naoi uairean

It is nine o’clock

Tha e deich uairean

It is ten o’clock

Tha e aon uair deug

It is eleven o’clock

Tha e dà uair dheug

It is twelve o’clock