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Structair: Cuin a tha seo a’ tachairt?

Structure: When is this happening?

People might want to make plans around what you are doing. Here is the sentence structure to ask and answer when are you doing something.  

Cuin a tha …?

When are …?

We know from previous lessons how to structure our questions and answers. 

Cuin a tha …?  

Tha … Chan eil … 

Cuin a tha thu ag obair?

When are you working?

Use different pronouns to ask about others. 

Cuin a tha e ag obair?

When is he working?

Cuin a tha i ag obair?

When is she working?

Cuin a tha sibh ag obair?

When are you working?

We can also swap the pronouns for people! 

Cuin a tha Calum ag ionnsachadh?

When is Malcolm learning?

Cuin a tha Iseabail ag ithe?

When is Isabel eating?

Cuin a tha Dòmhnall a’ seinn?

When is Donald singing?

Tha mi ag obair aig ochd uairean

I am working at eight o’clock

Tha Calum ag ionnsachadh aig deich uairean

Malcolm is learning at ten o’clock

Tha Iseabail ag ithe timcheall air còig uairean

Isabel is eating about five o’clock

Tha Dòmhnall a’ seinn aig cairteal gu trì

Donald is singing at quarter to three.