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Let’s learn how to ask when something is happening. 



Cuin a tha…?

When is…?

Cuin a tha seo?

When is this?

Cuin a tha seo a’ tachairt?

When is this happening?

We can develop these questions to ask about specific events happening or when people are doing things. 

Cuin a tha a’ bhùth a’ fosgladh?

When is the shop opening?

Cuin a tha a’ bhùth a’ dùnadh?

When is the shop closing?

Cuin a tha an sgoil a’ fosgladh?

When is the school opening?

Cuin a tha an taigh-seinnse a’ dùnadh?

When is the pub closing?

We can either answer abruptly using the times we have learnt earlier on in this topic or we can give full answers. 

Tha a’ bhùth a’ fosgladh aig naoi uairean

The shop is opening at nine o’clock

Tha a’ bhùth a’ dùnadh aig leth-uair an dèidh còig

The shop is closing at half past five

Tha an sgoil a’ fosgladh aig cairteal gu naoi

The school is opening at quarter to nine

Tha an taigh-seinnse a’ dùnadh timcheall air aon uair deug

The pub is closing at about eleven