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New friends

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Roimhearan riochdail: le

Prepositional pronouns: le

What happens if you want to use le with another pronoun? We need to learn the correct prepositional pronouns. 

We often use the preposition le with a pronoun (e.g. I, you, it), to give us phrases such as “with me” and “with you”. We just need to learn these words to give us these new sentences. We already know the structure. 

tapadh leat

thank you

tapadh leibh

thank you

Let’s learn the other prepositional pronouns.

le + mi leam with me 
le + thu leat with you 
le + e leis with him / it 
le + i leatha with her / it 
le + sinn leinn with us 
le + sibh leibh with you  
le + iad leotha with them