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An can thu sin nas slaodaiche?

Will you say that more slowly?

Let’s have a look at this discussion. By the end of this section, you will have learned some valuable phrases that you can use in lots of different conversations.

Dè as fhasa? No an cuir mi a’ cheist mar seo? Dè as dorra, no as doirbhe? Teagasg aghaidh ri aghaidh no air-loidhne? What’s easiest? Or will I pose (put) the question like this? What’s most difficult? Teaching face to face or online?
Air làithean nuair nach eil an teicneòlas ag obair, ‘s e teagasg air-loidhne as dorra, gun teagamh! On days when the technology isn’t working, online teaching is hardest, without a doubt!
Tuigidh mi sin. I understand (I get that).
Ach air làithean nuair a bhios clas mòr air-loidhne, tha e nas fhasa dhomhsa agus, nam bheachd-sa, dhan a h-uile duine, ma chanas cuideigin: An can thu sin nas slaodaiche? But on days when there’s a big online class, it’s easier for me, and in my opinion, for everyone else, if someone says: Will you say that more slowly?
Agus a bheil sin nas soilleire dhan a h-uile duine? And is that clearer for everyone?
Tha gu dearbh! Tha am fuaimneachadh nas soilleire dhaibh agus ‘s e am mìneachadh as ciallaiche buileach! It is indeed. The pronunciation is clearer for them, and it’s absolutely the best (most sensible) explanation.
Seadh! Agus bidh iad a’ tuigsinn nas fheàrr, nach bi? Indeed! And they’ll understand better, won’t they?
Bidh. Ma thuigeas iad nas fheàrr, nì iad adhartas nas motha, tha mi ‘n dòchas! ‘S e sin an toradh as fheàrr! They will. If they understand better, they’ll make better (greater) progress! That’s the best outcome (result)!