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Complete for 2 points

An dàrna turas: Chan e leisgeul a tha sin!

Take two: That's not an excuse!

Let’s have a look at this conversation again.

Uill, ‘s e gnothach a bh’ ann. Dh’ionnsaich sinn mòran an latha sin! Well, that was a business. [What a to-do that was]. We learned a lot that day!
An do thuig sibh na thachair an latha sin? Cha do thuig mi gun robh casg-astair air an rathad sin. Did you understand what happened that day? I didn’t understand there was a speed limit on that road.
Uill, thuig mise! An do fhreagair thu na ceistean aice? Well, I did! Did you answer her questions?
Cò? Who?
An t-oifigear poilis! The police officer!
Fhreagair. Ach cha do fhreagair i mise, nuair a thuirt mi gun robh cabhag orm. Yes (I did answer.) But she didn’t answer me when I said that I was in a hurry.
Chan e leisgeul a tha sin! An do dh’innis i dhut gun robh cùisean rèidh an dèidh sin? That’s not an excuse! Did she tell you that everything was alright (on good terms) after that?
Dh’innis. Yes (She did tell).
Ach cha do dh’innis thusa dhuinne air an latha sin! But you didn’t tell us on that day!
An do chreid thu gun d’ fhuair mi tiocaid? Did you believe that I got a ticket?
Chreid. Yes (I did believe).
Cha do chreid! Bhithinn air innse dhuibh uile! You didn’t (believe)! I would have told you all!
Chreid mise! Ach cha robh mi airson dad a ràdh mu dheidhinn! I did (believe)! But I didn’t want to say anything about it!