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Barrachd chùrsaichean — Dèanta!

More courses - Dèanta!

You should now be confident about:

  • a’ cleachdadh ghinideach iolra airson bruidhinn mun ionnsachadh agad |  using plural genitives to talk about your learning.

You  also learned about:

  • An tuiseal ginideach iolra: neo-chinnteach agus cinnteach | genitive (possessive) plurals: indefinite and definite

Anabarrach math!

You have learnt to talk about barrachd chùrsaichean (more courses) in Gaelic! Why not take this mini‑test to see how well you’re doing?

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Why not move on to talk about Bruidhinn na Gàidhlig (speaking Gaelic)?