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An tuiseal ginideach iolra 2: cinnteach

The genitive (possessive) case 2: definite

In A2 we also met an tuiseal ginideach iolra (the genitive or possessive plural) with ainmearan cinnteach (definite nouns).

The first rule to remember here is that definite genitive (possessive) plurals do not lenite!

And the second thing to remember here is that we use the plural definite article nan or nam to show the genitive case.

seòmar nam balach

the room of the boys, the boys’ room

taigh nam bràithrean

the brothers’ house

biadh nan cat

the food of the cats, the cats’ food

bàla nan con

the ball of the dogs, the dogs’ ball

tidsear nan cùrsaichean

the teacher of (the) courses

Comhairle nan Eilean Siar

(the) Western Isles Council

dorsan nan taighean

the doors of the houses

àm nam Fuadaichean

the time of the (Highland) Clearances

Radio nan Gàidheal

(the) Radio of the Gaels

Comhairle nan Leabhraichean

The (Gaelic) Books Council

faclan nan òran

the words of the songs

Comann nam Pàrant

the Parents’ Council

A plural noun following nan or nam can sometimes translate into English as an indefinite. The phrase àireamh nan oileanach (above) translates in English not as ‘number of the students’ but as ‘the number of students’.