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Gnìomhairean neo-riaghailteach san tràth theachdail

Irregular verbs in the future tense

How do you form the future tense of regular verbs?

When the last vowel of the root form is a broad vowel (a,o,u) – for example, gabh – you simply add -aidh after the root so gabh becomes gabhaidh. 

When the last vowel of the root form is a slender vowel (e,i) – for example, coisich – you simply add -idh after the root so coisich becomes coisichidh. 

How do you form the future tense of irregular verbs?

These rules do not work for the irregular verbs. It’s better just to learn them. The good news is that they are the most common verbs so you will get to use them lots!

Ordùgh Command An tràth caithte The past tense An tràth teachdail The future tense 
dèan do / make rinn made / did nì will do / make 
faic see chunnaic saw chì will see 
faigh get fhuair got gheibh will get 
rach go chaidh went thèid will go 

Here are the structures to ask and answer questions in the future tense.

Questions and answers for dèan (do, make) 

Questions and answers for faic (see)

Questions and answers for faigh (get) 

Questions and answers for tèid (go)