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An e sin na rinn i?

Is that what she did?

We’ve seen in Cuspair 6, that a (who, whom, which, that) and its negative nach  are used for relative clauses in Gaelic:

‘S e sin an postair.+Rinn i am postair.=‘S e sin an nighean a rinn am postair.
That’s the girl.+She made the poster.=That’s the girl who made the poster.
An e seo an duine?+Cha d’ fhuair e duais.=An e seo an duine nach d’ fhuair duais.
Is this the man?+He didn’t get a prize.=Is this the man who didn’t get a prize?

This is also the a which follows ged a (though), mar a (as) and nuair a (when), as well as question words like carson a   (why …), ciamar a, cuin a.

There was an example in our conversation.

‘S e sin an rud a thachair. Tha mi ag innse dhut!

That is what happened. I’m telling you!

However, sometimes this takes the form na in sentences, for example:

An e sin na thuirt Beathag ri Crìsdean?

Is that what Beth said to Christopher?

There were some examples in our conversation.

An e sin na thuirt e riut?

Is that what he said to you?

‘S e sin na thuirt e rium.

That’s what he said to me.

An e sin na thachair dha?

Is that what happened to him?

‘S e sin na chuala mise co-dhiù.

That’s what I heard anyway.