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A' toirt taing

Giving thanks

Watch as Joy explains more about some of the words and phrases we saw and heard in the conversation.

We looked at the phrase for “please” earlier: mas e do thoil e. Now, as you’d expect, there are a number of ways in which to thank someone in Gaelic.

We’ve learned tapadh leat

and tapadh leibh in previous episodes.

But let’s look at a few other ways in which you can thank people:

Tha mi nad chomain or, the more formal:

Tha mi nur comain  Literally, “I’m in your debt”, I’m really grateful. Tha mi nad chomain. And Tha mi nur comain.

Or, if you’re extremely grateful, you can say:

Tha mi fada/nad chomain – I’m far in your debt,  Tha mi fada nad chomain.

And the more formal version:
Tha mi fada/nur

Another way to express your gratitude and one we hear a lot in Gaelic is:

Ceud taing – a hundred thanks. Ceud taing.

Or, to be more emphatic:

Ceud mìle taing  A hundred thousand thanks. Ceud mìle taing.

Another one which you may already know is:
Mòran taing
many thanks, Mòran taing.

Gaelic speakers are clearly very polite!