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Cò thuige a tha thu a' sgrìobhadh?

To whom are you writing?

When we want to ask the question, who are you writing to?’ we use (who, which) + thuige (gu + e), the masculine singular form.

Cò thuige a tha thu a’ sgrìobhadh?

To whom are you writing?

We can use (who, which) with other prepositions as well. You’re already very familiar with Cò às a tha thu? is always followed directly by the prepositional pronoun (third person masculine form).

Cò ris a tha thu a’ bhruidhinn?

To whom are you speaking (who are you speaking to?)

Tha mi a’ bruidhinn ri Peadar.

I am speaking to Peter.

Cò leis a tha an leabhar sin?

Whose is that book?

‘S ann le Fearchar a tha e.

It’s Farquhar’s book.

Cò aige a tha fios?!

Who knows?

Chan eil fios aig duine!

No-one knows!

Cò ris a tha an t-sìde coltach?

What is the weather like?

Tha i fliuch is fuar!

It’s cold and wet!