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To, Towards

When we communicate in Gaelic, whether by writing, texting, phoning, we often use the preposition gu (to, towards). You will also hear and see do/dha.

Feumaidh mi fònadh gu Fearchar.

I must phone (to) Farquhar.

Sgrìobh mi litir gu Sìle.

I wrote a letter to Sheila.

Cuiridh mi teacsa gu Barabal agus Donaidh.

I will send a text to Barbara and Donnie.

We can combine the preposition gu (to, towards) with pronouns to form prepositional pronouns, in the same way that we have seen already in A2 of SpeakGaelic.

Preposition + pronounPrepositional Pronoun
gu + mi =thugam to/towards me 
gu + thu =thugad to/towards you 
gu + e =thuige to/towards him 
gu + i =thuice to/towards her 
gu + sinn =thugainn to/towards us 
gu + sibh =thugaibh to/towards you (pl) 
gu + iad =thuca to/towards them 


to/towards me


to/towards you


to/towards him


to/towards her


to/towards us


to/towards you (pl)


to/towards them

Using the prepositional pronouns with the sentences above gives us.

Feumaidh mi fònadh thuige. (Fearchar)

I must phone (to) him. (Farquhar)

Sgrìobh mi litir thuice. (Sìle)

I wrote a letter to her. (Sheila)

Cuiridh mi teacsa thuca. (Barabal is Donaidh)

I will send a text to them. (Barbara and Donnie)

and the remaining prepositional pronouns

Tha mi ‘n dùil gun cuir e fios thugam.

I expect he will send word/a message to me.

Leigidh mi fios thugad.

I will send word to you (I’ll let you know).

Cuiridh Mgr Mac a’ Ghobhainn teacsa thugainn.

Mr Smith will send a text (to) us (will send us a text).

Chuir mi cairt thugaibh.

I sent a card to you (plural).