Complete for 2 points

Nach eil thu singilte?

Are you single?

We already know this structure.

We can also use the other pronouns to ask about other people.

If you want to expand on your status you can use the following structure:

Tha cèile agam

I have a partner

This literally translates as “There is a partner I have”. 

Chan eil cèile agam

I do not have a partner

What happens if you want to ask people what another person’s status is? Or you want to answer that question. First, we need to learn the correct prepositional pronouns.

We often use the preposition aig with a pronoun (e.g. I, you, it), to give us phrases such as “at me” or “I have”. We just need to learn these words to give us these new sentences. We already know the structure. 

agam = aig + mi (have / at + me)

agaibh = aig + sibh (have / at + you)

Tha cèile agam – I have a partner 

Chan eil cèile agaibh – You do not have a partner 

Do you remember the other prepositional pronouns? 

aig + mi agam have / at me 
aig + thu agad have / at you 
aig + e aige have / at him / it 
aig + i aice have / at her / it 
aig + sinn againn have / at us 
aig + sibh agaibh have / at you  
aig + iad aca have / at them