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Mòr agus mhòr

Mòr and mhòr

Why the difference of beag and bheag and mòr and mhòr? 

This is because Gaelic nouns are divided into feminine and masculine nouns. It’s important to distinguish these from female and male nouns! It does not refer to the gender of an animal or a person. 

The adjectives beag meaning small and mòr meaning big lenite when used with feminine nouns to become bheag and mhòr. Lenition means softening and it often means a change in the spelling of a word, by adding an ‘h’ after the first consonant. 

Tha bràthair mòr aige

He has a big brother

Tha piuthar mhòr aice

She has a big sister

Tha bràthair beag aige

He has a wee brother

Tha piuthar bheag aice

She has a wee sister