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Ceistean mu do theaghlach

Questions about your family

We’ll explore questions and statements which we have already learnt so we can talk about our family.

Ciamar a tha do mhàthair?

How is your mother?

Tha mo mhàthair crosta.

My mother is cross.

Dè an t-ainm a tha air d’ athair?

What is your father’s name?

’S e Dòmhnall Mac a’ Ghobhainn an t-ainm a tha air m’ athair.

My father’s name is Donald Smith.

Cò às a tha ur seanmhair?

Where is your grandmother from?

Tha ar seanmhair à Steòrnabhagh. Tha i a’ fuireach ann am Port Rìgh.

Our grandmother is from Stornoway. She lives in Portree.

Càit a bheil do bhràthair a’ fuireach?

Where does your brother live?

Tha mo bhràthair a’ fuireach ann an Glaschu

My brother lives in Glasgow