Complete for 2 points

Glè is eile

Glè and others

We know that we can use glè to mean very and it causes lenition. 

glè shnog

very pleasant, pretty

Other phrases can also be used to add emphasis. These do not cause lenition. 

gu math snog

really pleasant, pretty


terrible, awful

uabhasach snog

awfully pleasant, pretty

uabhasach grànda

awfully horrible, ugly

’S e duine gu math gasta a th’ ann an Dòmhnall.

Donald is a very nice man.

’S e boireannach uabhasach mì-mhodhail a th’ innte.

She’s an awfully cheeky woman.

’S e duine gu math glic a th’ ann an Pàdraig.

Peter is a very wise man.

’S e boireannach uabhasach còir a th’ innte.

She’s an awfully kind woman.