Complete for 2 points

Ciamar a nì mi sin?

How will I do that?

Irregular Future Tense 

To ask questions such as cuin(e)? (when?), ciamar? (how?), càit(e)? (where?) with irregular future tense verbs, we need to remember the two parts of each verb again;  

  • the positive statement or answer: the independent form and  
  • the question, negative question and negative statement or answer: the dependent form. 
  • Let’s look at dèan (make/do) again. The question words which go with the independent form are: 
Ciamar a ?  Càit an dèan
Cuin a  
Cia mheud a  

And again, càit(e)? (where?) behaves differently by using the dependent form: 

And yet again, you’ll be pleased to know that this pattern works for all verbs, regular and irregular. 

That’s quite a lot to learn! But don’t worry, with a little practice, these will become easier. And did we say that good dictionary is indispensable?