Complete for 2 points

'S e sin an nighean a rinn am postair

That's the girl who made the poster!

Let’s return to the conversation.

Seall, a Mhàiri! ‘S e sin an nighean a rinn am postair. Look, Màiri. That’s the girl who made the poster!
Dè rinn i? What did she do?
Rinn i am postair airson film ùr. Am film a rinn iad ann am Port Rìgh an-uiridh. She made the poster for a new film. The film they made in Portree last year.
Tha cuimhn’ agam a-nis. Agus seall! I remember now. And look!
Dè chunnaic thu? What did you see?
Sin am prìomh-actair san dealbh! Cha robh fhios agam gum biodh na rionnagan ann an-diugh! That’s the lead actor in the film! I didn’t know the stars would be here today!
Sin fear eile. There’s another.
Ò, chan fhaca mi e. Càit an deach e? Oh, I didn’t see him. Where did he go?
Thall an sin, ri taobh a’ phostair! Over there, beside the poster!
Sin e, ceart gu leòr. There he is/that’s him, right enough.
Agus seo fear eile. An duine bochd! Seo an duine nach d’ fhuair duais. And here’s another. Poor guy! This is the man who didn’t get a prize!
Uill, cha do dhùin doras nach do dh’fhosgail doras! Well, no door ever closed but another one opened!