Complete for 2 points

An dàrna turas: Bhiodh cadal math

Take two: Sleep would be good

Bha am film math, ach a-nise bhiodh cadal math. The film was good, but right now sleep would be good.
Cha bhiodh cadal math.  Sleep would not be good. 
Bhiodh cadal math. Bha sinn ag obair cho cruaidh.  Sleep would be good. We were working so hard.
Bhiodh pàrtaidh fìor mhath. Bha sinn ag obair gun sgur. Tha pàrtaidh ann am Port Rìgh a-nochd. A party would be really good. We’ve been working non-stop. There’s a party in Portree tonight.
Bhiodh e math fuireach ann am Port Rìgh. It would be good to live/stay in Portree
Cha bhiodh sin freagarrach. That wouldn’t be suitable.
Bhiodh sin freagarrach. Carson? That would be suitable. Why?
Bhiodh sin mì-fhreagarrach buileach. Nach eil cuimhn’ agad? That would be entirely unsuitable. Don’t you remember?
Dè thachair ann am Port Rìgh?  What happened in Portree?