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Bilingual transcription: Co-ghnìomhairean àite

Bilingual transcription: Adverbs of place

Watch this clip where Joy gives us some of her useful tips and favourite phrases.

You may have come across the expression thall ’s a-bhos, ‘here and there’.

Tha co-oghaichean agam thall ’s a-bhos, I’ve got cousins literally ‘over there and over here’.

These are adverbs of location: over there thall, thall ann an Canada, ach a-bhos ann an Alba here in Scotland.

But Gaelic also has adverbs of motion, a-null and a-nall, for going over there or coming over here: Tha caraidean agam ann an Canada, agus chaidh mi a-null dham faicinn. ‘I went over to see them’,

Ach a-nall, ‘over to here’, An ath-bhliadhn’, thig iadsan a-nall a dh’Alba. ‘Next year, they’ll come over to Scotland’.

No: Cha deach sinn a-null thairis am-bliadhna, ‘We didn’t go abroad this year’.

Being abroad is thall thairis, Bha sinn thall thairis aig an àm, We were abroad at the time’, but going abroad: a-null thairis:

’S dòcha gun tèid sinn a-null thairis an ath-bhliadhn’. Maybe we’ll go abroad next year.