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Bhiodh agus bhithinn

Bhiodh and bhithinn

Learning point: Bhiodh, Bhithinn

We’ve already covered Bhiodh. The equivalent to ‘would’ in English.

Bhiodh sin sgoinneil! That would be great!

Bhiodh is also used to talk about something that used to happen. Just as in English if we say ‘When I was young we’d play all day’. Gaelic uses Bhiodh in the same way: Bhiodh sinn a’ cluiche We’d be playing.

But watch out for ‘I would’, because in Gaelic the word mi disappears and instead we have the special form: Bhithinn, I would be, or I used to be.

Bhithinn toilichte a dhol ann. I’d be happy to go.

Or: Bhithinn a’ cluiche o mhoch gu dubh. ‘I’d be playing from dawn to dusk’.