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A' dol a dhèanamh

going to do

We often say we are ‘going to’ do something when making plans. We do this in Gaelic using a’ dol a ‘going to’ followed by a verbal noun. This is the same structure we use to say we are a’ dol a dh’Alba ‘going to Scotland’.

Remember: the a causes lenition where possible and adds dh’ before a vowel.

Tha mi a’ dol a Phort Rìgh

I am going to Portree

Tha mi a’ dol a dh’Inbhir Nis

I am going to Inverness

Tha a’ ghaoth a’ dol a shèideadh

The wind is going to blow

Tha mi a’ dol a dh’obair

I am going to work

Play with the answers until you are happy with Tha mi a’ dol a …

Tha mi a’ dol a

Phort Rìgh Portree Ghlaschu Glasgow dh’Inbhir Nis Inverness dh’ionnsachadh learn dh’obair work riuth run chluich play