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Watch as Joy explains more about being a-muigh.

Lots of us enjoy spending time a-muigh – outside. A-muigh.

And here are some of the features you may see out and about.

A forest or wood is a:

coille. Coille.

A beach is a:

tràigh. Tràigh.

And the Gaelic for a mountain is a:

beinn. Beinn.

Now, if you enjoy walking a useful phrase to say what you’ve done is:

Ghabh mi cuairt I took a walk. Or I went for a walk Ghabh mi cuairt.

And an example of how to use it in a sentence:

Ghabh mi cuairt tron choille.

I went for a walk through the woods or the forest. Ghabh mi cuairt tron choille.

Where else might you go for a walk?

Dè mu dheidhinn..? What about..?

Air an tràigh. On the beach. Air an tràigh.

Or inland,

Suas a’’ bheinn. Up the mountain. Suas a’ bheinn.